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Patapooch Pet Care

A couple of pet lovers based in Ojai, CA

Pet Care Services

Walking with Dogs

Dog Walking

A dog walk with Patapooch is no ordinary walk. In addition to exercise, we use our leash training skills to enhance your dogs on-leash manners, resulting in a better walking experience for both you and your pup! 30 and 60 minute walks available.

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Doggy Day Care

Headed to work or planning a day trip? Patapooch offers doggy day care in your home for up to 8 hours. During this time, your pet will receive feedings, walks, playtime, lots of love, and any other specific needs they may have.


Go on vacation knowing your pets are in safe hands...and in the comfort of their own home! In addition to feedings, daily walks, play time, and so much love, we also take care of any and all home needs like plant care, garbage, mail/package retrieval, laundry, and any other care your home may need while you're out of town. 

Drop-in Visits

Running late? Patapooch has you covered! We will drop in on your pets for feedings, backyard play time, potty breaks, and snuggles! Please be advised that a walk is not a part of the drop-in service. We currently offer 30 and 60 minute drop-in visits. 

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Cat Stretching on Sheets

Hi, we're Kayleigh & Domenico

Hello friends!

Thank you so much of considering Patapooch for your Ojai pet care needs! Nothing brings us more joy than connecting with and caring for your pets. Whether you're a dog mom, cat dad, or the proud owner of goats and chickens, we are here to provide tender love and care to your pets when you can't. 

Our Happy Clients

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"I don't know what kind of magic spell you two did on Carson and Obi, but they are like two different dogs! I can't believe the difference just two walks with you have done!! Thank you so much, I was almost in tears walking them today."

Sarah. H

We are forever grateful to Kayleigh and her amazing pet care! We have a big German Shepherd who is super reactive on leash which has made finding a capable walker for him challenging. She is an absolute pro and handles him beautifully with such love and expert control. She’s also professional, communicative,  and an absolute delight to work with.

Annie & Matt

“I can’t say enough great things about Kayleigh and Domenico! Not only are they amazing with my dear doggies, they are warm, wonderful, smart, trustworthy, responsible, devoted, caring, kind, and truly all around amazing people. I adore them so much.”

Ellen. R


Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 6am - 9pm

(hours are for all services except housesitting)

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Ojai, CA


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